Dec 6, 2017

Book 3 - Countdown to Christmas

BOOK 3 - Christmas Countdown
Lieutenant Terry's Christmas Fudge
by Gerald N. Lund

On a mission to bomb a French bridge and slow down Hitler's retreating army, U.S. bomber pilot Wendell B. Terry miraculously survived a harrowing parachute jump after his plane was hit by enemy fire. Scorched by the burning plane, he landed amid German SS troops and soon found himself in a German prisoner-of-war camp. He shared a cement room with 23 other prisoners. He lived with a dirt floor, no heat to ward off the bitter cold, one small window, and not much to do. To make matters worse, Christmas was approaching, and Lieutenant Terry's heart ached for his new wife and their child who would soon be born.

In the depths of the cold and dark, however, a light of hope was sparked by the arrival of a small parcel from the Red Cross. Chosen by lottery to receive that package, Lieutenant Terry opened it to find a small can of powdered milk, a packet of sugar, two squares of unsweetened chocolate—and a chance to bring a glimmer of Christmas joy to his fellow prisoners.

This book is FABULOUS! 
I cannot even imagine being away from family at Christmastime, yet alone, being a prisoner-of-war. I am impressed with the efforts of many people to make the prisoner's lives just a little better. The package from the Red Cross is just one example in this book. Lieutenant Terry could have done many things with the items in the package. What he truly does will warm your heart.
Based on a true story.

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