Oct 17, 2017

His Final Hours

by W. Jeffrey Marsh

I love studying the life of Christ. This book is so good! There are lots of insights into Christ and the final hours leading up to and including the atonement and the resurrection. This book will leave you pondering and your gratitude for Christ will increase.

His Final Hours traces the final thirty-six hours of the Savior's mortal ministry detailing the events and lessons of the central point in human history.

We have the sense of following the Savior through the streets of Jerusalem during the last hours of his life. Beginning with the Savior's triumphal entry into Jerusalem and the Last Supper and culminating with his resurrection and reunion with the Father, Brother Marsh identifies such lessons as handling trials without self-pity, enduring irony, dealing with unreciprocated love and understanding the importance of submitting to the Father's will.

We see dramatically that the events of his final hours bear eloquent testimony of the Savior's love and mercy for us, and we more fully understand how his grace can bear us up today. Christ's magnificent example encourages us to take his yoke upon ourselves and strive to develop his pure love.

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