Jan 12, 2017


by Diane Stringam Tolley

I absolutely LOVE snowmen and knew I just had to read this one!
What an amazing tale of a man who loves with all of his heart--
And when the tough times came to him he found a way to turn it around in order to serve someone else-- a whole town even :)
A very heart-warming story amongst the chill of winter!


Driving a busload of happy, young scouters on rain-slick roads John Benjamin Frosst is faced suddenly with the unimaginable. In a fraction of a moment, he makes a decision, selflessly offering his life in exchange for the lives of innocents. Now confronted with the knowledge that the comfortable existence he had expected is in tatters, Ben realizes that, instead of doing the serving he loves, he must now humbly receive it from others.

Hampered by this new reality, the fine man that is still Ben Frosst discovers the term ‘handicapped’ is only a starting point from which to find new ways to give and to help. That service comes in many forms. And, with enough love and support, anything is possible. 

Sometimes, life simply doesn’t turn out the way you plan. And that’s just fine.

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  1. This is wonderful! I never realized you were reviewing SnowMan! Thank you soooo much!



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