Jan 24, 2017

Daughter of Ishmael

A review copy was provided

by Diane Stringam Tolley

I love it when authors write about scripture stories. It brings the story to life and helps me envision it better. I have never thought of this story from the point of the daughters of Ishmael-- very intriguing! Extremely thought-provoking! You will never look at this story the same again-- Wonderfully written!

Growing up around prophets and prophecies, Hannah and her sisters are excited to be betrothed to sons of Lehi and to journey to the promised land.

But now with her people dividing, Hannah must choose between her faith and her family. Should she follow Nephi again, or stay with her husband, Lemuel, and her son in sin and misery? 

This compelling novel tells the familiar scripture story from an illuminating new perspective.

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