Nov 17, 2016

An Unexpected Harvest

by Quinn Orr

I absolutely love all of the Christmas booklets that come out this time of year for us to read-- Quick, tender stories that bring light and love to our hearts. Isn't that what Christmas is all about?
This story is based on true accounts. SO. SO. SO. GOOD!

Just like every other Alberta farmer this season, Bishop John Simmons is worried about the harvest. A late spring has delayed the crops’ growth, and with the looming storms of an early winter, the town may not get to gather them at all. But as each farmer struggles to bring in his livelihood, Bishop Simmons’s thoughts turn to the Jackson family, where a streak of serious illness has kept them in bed—and out of their fields—for weeks. Without help, they’ll soon face a year without income.

Bishop Simmons wishes he could do more, but how can he pull together a last-minute miracle when one of God’s commandments seems to stand between him and the harvest?

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