Feb 8, 2016

Heart Stockings

by Stefanie Hewlett, Allison Foulk

Lulie and Gus are really sad that the Christmas decorations are being put away.

Then they see the Christmas stockings and they have a brilliant idea!

Why not make 'heart stockings.'

Mom and Dad are curious if this is a ploy to get more candy or more toys.

But NO!!!

The heart stockings are to be filled with LOVE~

Love Notes,
Love Coupons,
and SAS (Secret Acts of Service)

Lulie quickly puts a note in Mom's stocking and then goes and helps with the dishes.
Dad does Lulie's laundry and leaves her a note.

Read to see what Gus and Mom do and how this family "look outside themselves to find joy in helping others."

Hang heart stockings and fill January and February with love.

This book is a Deseret Book exclusive--
Also available are "Heart Stockings" all ready to hang :)


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