Oct 30, 2015

The Book of Mormon is True: Evidences and Insights to Strengthen Your Testimony

A review copy was provided

Evidences and Insights to Strengthen Your Testimony
by Marilynne Todd Linford

How do you know the Book of Mormon is true?

The answer to this question provides the foundational basis for the beliefs of countless members of the Church. 

For bestselling author Marilynne Todd Linford, the decision to type, word-for-word, the entire Book of Mormon as a method of study led her to discover incredible truths regarding the authenticity of this sacred volume of scripture. 

With the aid of expert analysis of the text, the author shares a unique blend of both spiritual and secular evidence substantiating the claim that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. 

Through an exploration of ancient literature and cultures, Joseph Smith's educational background, and the science of wordprints, The Book of Mormon Is True invites audiences to strengthen their testimony of this sacred scripture as the divine word of God.

My Review
This book intrigued me from the very first page--

Marilynne wanted to type the Book of Mormon out word-for-word?
What an concept! Why though? I had to read more!

Interesting that she started out with a goal to write out the Book of Mormon NOT write a book about it...

Yet through her typing...she discovered something quite thought-provoking...unique words.

Yes, words that were not commonly found in any other scripture...so who wrote this book? How many different people? For that is what it is testifying of.

She also discovered a pattern with punctuation, or lack thereof, that is "evidence for the antiquity of the Book of Mormon."

How could she keep something like this to herself?

Grab a copy and she what else she discovered...

She even shares the unique words that she found so that you too might make this a study of your own.

SO GRATEFUL that she did share!

My own understanding and love of the Book of Mormon has been increased by this book!

I am now looking for these words with joy and anticipation.

I highly recommend this book!

About the Author
Marilynne Todd Linford is married to Richard Linford. They have eight children, twenty-four grandchildren, and one great grandchild. She served for eleven years on the Materials Evaluation Committee of the Church and is entering her sixteenth year as a docent at the Church History Museum. Marilynne has published eleven books, including two books for LDS children, seven books for LDS women, and two books for a general audience on health issues. This book, The Book of Mormon Is True: Evidences and Insights to Strengthen Your Testimony, came to her as a complete surprise, emerging from her decision to type out the entire text of the Book of Mormon.

I like to teach children.

I like to teach Gospel Principles in Sunday School.

I am a docent at the Church History Museum.

I can never get enough of LDS Church history.

I also love colonial and revolutionary United States history.

I'm a fan of the Founding Fathers.

I like to play piano duets.

I like to play word games.

I like to hike the red rock canyons of southern Utah.

I am a breast cancer survivor of almost 20 years.

This is my 12th book.

I am the oldest of eight children and the mother of eight.


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