Apr 6, 2015

Meet Author Jake G. Panda

Jake G. Panda is a hard-nosed bear investigator. He likes bamboo and saving endangered animals. He is the author of The Endangered Files, a mystery series about his misadventures in the protection business.

His partner in crime, the fella who helps write these books because, let's be honest, it's not easy typing with big, clunky bear paws, resides somewhere in New England. He has written his fair share of stuff, mostly for the big screen. And some of it has actually been projected. He likes to keep a low profile and lets Jake do all the talking.

10 Fun Facts about Jake 
1. I wear glasses.

2. No animals are ever harmed in the writing of these stories. But some names and places are changed to protect the innocent.

3. I love bamboo. Often it is all I can think about.

4. I have a partner in crime who helps write these adventures. He's a successful screenwriter. Don't tell anybody, but he does all the typing.

5. I love classic films. And I mean the old black and white stuff like Casablanca, The Maltese Falcon and The Big Sleep. Films like these were the inspiration for The Endangered Files.

6. I'm quite good at climbing trees.

7. Although I was born somewhere in the forests of China, I currently reside in New England. And I shoveled a lot of snow this winter.

8. I sleep with a teddy bear.

9. One of my favorite books as a bear cub was Charlotte's Web. Which is odd because I'm terrified of spiders.

10. We pandas are actually excellent swimmers. Which as you'll see comes in handy in my next adventure.

The Case of the Cursed Dodo

If you're looking for trouble, you've found it. 

The name's Jake G. Panda, and trouble seems to follow me wherever I go. I work in the protection racket at a flophouse for endangered critters called the Last Resort. I'm the hotel snoop. The resident fuzz. It's my job to keep these guests safe and outta harm's way. This is the first of my many misadventures. A wild and woolly mystery involving a lost suitcase, a green bird, and a bunch of double-crossing animals. I'm calling this jungle noir The Case of the Cursed Dodo.

This hilarious first installment of The Endangered Files follows Jake, a hardboiled panda detective, and an unusual cast of endangered creatures on a globe-trotting adventure that will appeal to young and old alike.

Get your paws on a copy now!


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