Sep 8, 2012

Tales of the Dragon's Bard: Eventide

Book Details
Authors: Tracy & Laura Hickman
Release Date: 2012
Publisher:  Shadow Mountain
Genre: Fantasy

As to NOT be eaten, the story-teller entertains the dragon with wonderful stories. 

Needing more stories to share the Bard goes into the town of Eventide to record their stories.

Along the way you will meet trolls and gossiping fairies, and gnomes, etc.

Of course the tale wouldn't be worth telling if it didn't have "matters-of-the-heart!"

But the dragon bard wants to make the stories even more impressive for the dragon so he meddles in the people lives...if but just a little...not!

Along the way you will find trolls, gossiping fairies, gnomes, dwarfs and more...

If you love fantasy... you will LOVE this book!

About the Authors:

Tracy Hickman is a New York Times best-selling fantasy author who has published more than 40 novels, many of the co-authored with Margaret Weis. He published the first of his solo novels in 1995.
Laura Hickman is credited as the first female designer of a published role-playing game module. Laura and her husband, Tracy wrote and edited the first science fiction movie filmed in space, and a copy of their DNA is currently in orbit on the International Space Station. They are the parents of four children and live in Utah.
Tracy and his wife, Laura have been collaborating on fantastic works of fiction since their marriage in 1977. Together, Tracy and Laura have written role-playing games, screenplays, and works of fiction, including their first co-authored novel in 2004.


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