May 1, 2020

Because of You, Mom

by Deseret Book
illustrated by Katherine Blackmoore

Moms mend scraped knees and broken hearts, teach us life's most important lessons, and fill us with confidence and faith. The best things about who we are and who we can become are all because of Mom.

With charming illustrations this book shares some of the many ways moms help and teach us. At once tender and humorous, this short collection pays tribute to the important moms in our lives. And a special mom in your life is sure to know just how much you appreciate her when you personalize the page in the back with your very own, "Because of you, Mom . . .".

"Because of you, Mom, I am loved.
I feel supported, protected, and valued.
I know how to get back up when I stumble and fall.
And, when I get back up, I always have a cheerleader right there on the sidelines . . .
"Because of you, Mom, I know I am a child of God.
I know how to pray to Him—and how to listen when He speaks to me.
I dare to do right and dare to be true.
And I know that the gospel (and sometimes ice cream) solves most of life's problems."

My Thoughts
This is an adorable book! Perfect for Mother's Day, Birthday, or Christmas!


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