May 27, 2013

Why I Don't Lose Weight!

Book Details
Author: Wilfred Aguila, M.D.
Release Date: 2011
Publisher: Weight Success Centers, LLC
Genre: Self-Help

I DEFINITELY fall into this cycle!
I do EXACTLY as it shows...

I overeat...
I feel guilty..
I feel anxious...
I feel depressed...
I overeat... 


I feel anxious, or angry, or tired, or frustrated, or hurt, or etc...
then I overeat (because I use food as my comfort/friend/drug of choice/etc)
then I feel guilty...
and the cycle starts all over again.

This book helps you realize that you MUST take care of the underlying reasons why you overeat...

Some really good thoughts here...

About the Author:
Dr. Aguila is a native Floridian and has served the Sunshine Sate’s communities since he graduated from the University of Miami School of Medicine in 1991. Before completing his medical program at the University of Miami, he received his undergraduate degree in chemistry. After leaving Miami, Dr. Aguila traveled to the city of Tampa where he went on to complete his surgical residency at the University of South Florida in 1996. Dr. Aguila held the honor of Chief Resident in Surgery from 1995 to 1996.

Following his years in residency, Dr. Aguila practiced general surgery in Brandon, Florida for eleven years, but his own struggle with obesity led him to focus on bariatric surgical procedures. Dr. Aguila struggled with his weight for nearly a decade before opening Surgical Bariatric Centers LLC in Tampa. He graciously shares his firsthand lessons in maintaining weight loss with his patients to help them overcome their battles with obesity.

Dr. Aguila actively spreads his weight loss and obesity expertise to reach out to Florida residents by joining local news networks and radio hosts for live informational interviews. He even hosts his own weekly radio show called “The Dr. A Show” where he shares tips and educational information to help listeners break the vicious cycle of obesity. In addition to radio hosting, Dr. Aguila’s personal weight loss tips have been featured on ABC News, FOX News, NB,C Daytime television and websites such as Yahoo! and

Losing weight when you’re obese is about the personal journey of finding and experiencing a whole new healthier you. Dr. Aguila believes personal weight loss journeys go beyond prescribing diet and exercise to patients. This notion sparked Dr. Aguila to write his book Why I Don’t Lose Weight to provide readers with a wealth of information for making lifestyle changes that truly matter. Dr. Aguila believes weight loss success depends on an integrative approach that combines nutrition, fitness, self-help and wellness.

When he’s not fighting the good fight against obesity, Dr. Aguila resides in Tampa, Florida with his wife and three children where he actively participates in community events such as the American Cancer Society and the Rotary Club. Dr. Aguila is a proud member of the Hillsborough County Medical Association, Florida Medical Association, Tampa Bay Surgical Society and Society of American Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Surgeons.


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