May 22, 2017

The Washington Hypothesis

By Timothy Ballard

This book is AMAZING!
I learned so much and had to ponder a lot!
I have never thought about George Washington being like Moses or Abraham, but it makes so much sense-- And to learn all the ways that he was protected-- WOW! I really wish my history teacher would have known all of this. This book is truly a MUST-READ!

We know that George Washington was a moral man and an inspiring leader, but did he possibly know more than we suppose? Was he a national covenant maker like Moses, Abraham, Lehi, or Captain Moroni? Did he understand that he was fighting for the liberty of a promised land protected by God, a place where the Lord's holy temples could be built?

The Washington Hypothesis explores the intriguing evidence that Washington and the other Founding Fathers knew the Lord had a greater purpose for America. It takes us on a fascinating historical journey through the miracles of the Revolutionary War to the foundational documents of this great nation to the symbolism evident in every corner of the nation's capital. Exploring how Washington's beliefs framed his every action, author Timothy Ballard draws compelling conclusions about the divinity of that great leader's calling. As we see the evidence of the Lord's hand in Washington's life, we may discover a much grander design at work in the founding of our nation—and thus a greater desire to strive to preserve those promised blessings.

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May 20, 2017

Christ in Every Hour

by Anthony Sweat

To get through this earthly experience we need Christ's help in every hour of every day. We simply cannot do it alone--

In this book you will learn how the Savior can "cleanse us, heal us, restore us, identify with us, strengthen us, and transform us."

He stands ready at the door-- 
are we willing to open it up to His love and His help? 

This book is AMAZING!

A favorite hymn of the Latter-day Saints supplicates Christ for His help in "every hour." And while that's certainly true, how is it true? Are we such sinners that we need constant access to Christ's Atonement? Or is there something more to the Atonement, something in addition to forgiveness for our sins? What help does Christ offer in moments when we may not need His forgiveness but do need help beyond our own capacities? We know Christ's Atonement can save us from death and sin, but we may not always remember that we can draw on His Atonement for help in other ways.

In Christ in Every Hour, gospel educator Anthony Sweat explores six of Christ's divine powers, explaining what they mean, why they're relevant, and what they can do for us as we live life each day. Discover more about Christ's power to cleanse, heal, restore, identify with, strengthen, and transform us, and learn how to draw upon the Lord's grace and power in every hour of your life. Which power of Christ's Atonement do you need today? Or in this very hour?

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May 19, 2017

Fire and Steel


by Gerald N. Lund

These books are FANTASTIC!
Gerald N. Lund is a phenomenal storyteller!!!
I love how he adds depth and character to true events--

The Proud Shall Stumble-- Volume 4
It's a truth that has stood for centuries: pride goeth before the fall. And Germany, emboldened by an increasingly popular dynamo, is becoming proud.

Across the ocean in America, people have been enjoying years of plenty since the Great War. Electricity in every home, shiny new automobiles lining the streets, roaring new music, shocking new clothing styles—a whole nation wanting nothing more than to let loose and get rich. But beneath the glittering surface, the economy's foundation has already begun to crumble.

On opposite sides of the world, the Eckhardt and Westland families are as caught up in the fast-paced times as anyone else, and they find their personal lives deeply affected by the shocking events occurring on a global scale. Though they all seek to follow a wise path, the way becomes hazy when powerful forces aim to cloud their judgment. Will they be able to recognize the darkness before they sink further into it? More dark days lie ahead, and the families stand to lose everything if they don't cling to the light.

Join the Eckhardts and Westlands in this fourth volume of master storyteller Gerald N. Lund's gripping tale of war, family and the fight for what's right.

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The Shadow Falls-- Volume 3
How do good people mistake evil for good? Is it possible for an entire nation to be deceived?

In the third volume of master storyteller Gerald N. Lund's dynamic new series, the Eckhardt family finds itself clinging to hope in a nation on the brink of collapse. Work is scarce, food has become an extravagance, and money is practically worthless. War-torn Germany has been battered down and humiliated on an international scale, and the people have lost the pride and conviction that once carried them.

Living in such desperate circumstances leaves the people vulnerable to fall for a wolf in sheep's clothing, and Hans Eckhardt is not immune. His friend Adolf is charismatic, driven, a man of vision—seemingly, everything that Germany needs. While a few suspect that this rising new political leader may not be the rescuer they seek, many more are quick to turn a blind eye to the warning signs.

But there are bright spots amid the bleakness. Faith and family continue to provide joy and solace as life journeys forward. And a visit from two former LDS missionaries and their families brings a spark of excitement to the Eckhardts. Family life seems to be the one area unmarred by the turmoil all around them—until personal tragedy strikes.

Join the Eckhardts and their American friends the Westlands as they unknowingly dive into a momentous turning point in the world's history.

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The Storm Descends-- Volume 2
In the second volume of bestselling author Gerald N. Lund's explosive new series, the Eckhardt family finds that the turmoil in their lives will only increase as they try to move forward in a nation divided. Sergeant Hans Eckhardt has been discharged from his military service and wants nothing more than to start a new life with a career and a family, but the unrest swallowing his homeland seems determined to stop him.

Suffering the devastating impact of defeat in the Great War, the people of Germany must find ways to face widespread food shortages, crippling unemployment, skyrocketing inflation, and the forced disbandment of the German military. The nation becomes a hotbed of revolutionary attacks, bringing the fledgling government to its knees. Conditions are so grim that the German people are desperate for someone—anyone—to step forward and bring stability back to their beloved Fatherland.

But as the flames of adversity grow more threatening, hope is on the horizon for the German Saints. With the help of Mitch Westland, from faraway southern Utah, they discover that the Lord has not forgotten them.

A Generation Rising-- Volume 1
The strongest steel is forged in the hottest flames. From master storyteller Gerald N. Lund comes a new blockbuster series chronicling the lives of two families who will face some of the most turbulent times in history as they are tried to their very cores. Will they be tempered and strengthened by the hammering blows, will they bend to the point of breaking, or will they completely shatter?

As volume one begins, life could not be more promising for the Eckhardts. They finally have a son, Hans, the male heir they have longed for and a child of such brilliance and promise that his success seems certain. But as youthful Hans’s ambition takes him away from his family and their small Bavarian village, the winds of unrest in Europe are about to erupt into the greatest war the world has ever known.

Kicking off a story that will cross generations—and continents—the Eckhardts must brace themselves to weather the storms and turmoil that lie ahead. Only through sheer determination and fortitude will they be able to pass through the refiner’s fire and come out stronger and more united than ever before.

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May 18, 2017

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May 17, 2017

Wrong for You w/GIVEAWAY

A review copy was provided

by Jenny Proctor

I ADORED this book! So much FUN! 
You will cheer for Lane from the very beginning as she works her way onto the soccer field--such a fun scene!!! Then your heart will be taken away as you travel with her along these wonderful pages. And I can't wait for you to read the phone texts sent between the bothers--
What great writing!!! Definitely pick up a copy of this book!!!

Lane Bishop is a hardworking, intelligent, beautiful young woman. And with her recent move to Chapel Hill, she is determined to leave behind the drama and effort of keeping up with the dating scene. Even so, Lan somehow manages to get dragged out by a gaggle of girls to go watch boys play soccer. Just watching is not Lane's forte, so she joins in the fun and leads her team to victory.

Rather than feeling intimidated by the vivacious beauty on the opposing team, Jamie Hamilton is intrigued. Risking his "untouchable" dating status, he decides to pursue Lane—with a little help from his older brother Simon. With Simon's behind-the-scenes assistance, Jamie proves irresistible, even to a disillusioned dater like Lane. But as she gets to know both brother, Lane can't help but wonder—beneath the grand gestures and romantic words, is she falling for the wrong guy?

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May 16, 2017

The Continuous Atonement

by Brad Wilcox

This is my FAVORITE book on the Atonement -- 
I HIGHLY recommend it for everyone!

One of the best stories in this book is about what happens to a young man when he blesses the sacrament, but makes a mistake-- Learn how Brother Wilcox connects that to the Savior and the atonement-- SO PROFOUND!


He makes all the difference.

“I'll never do it again,” we say — and then we do it. In a world full of challenges, temptations, and even addictions, it is easy to lose hope for ourselves and those we love. During times of discouragement, we must remember that the purpose of the Atonement of Jesus Christ is not just to cleanse and console, but also to transform — and that takes time. Christ is not waiting at the finish line once we have done —all we can do.” He is with us every step of the way, and His Atonement will be available as long as the perfecting process takes — continually.

This book offers valuable insights about God, Christ, and our relationship with them. Each chapter contains clear examples that will uplift and motivate. Profound doctrine is made accessible and difficult concepts are presented in such simple ways that over and over the reader will say, “I've never thought of it like that before.” That kind of change of belief will help bring about a change of behavior.

Most members of the Church acknowledge that perfection is a long-term process, but overlook the continuous nature of Christ's Atonement that makes that process possible. Peace is found not by giving up or erasing the need to change, but by turning to the One who makes change possible and realizing that we get lots of chances to start again. So, if at first you don't succeed either, don't find excuses. Find the Savior and the blessings of His continuous Atonement.

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May 15, 2017

The Infinite Atonement

The Infinite Atonement
by Tad R. Callister

This is the #1 book for studying the Atonement.
I was worried that it would be a little over my head, but it wasn't-

It tells the how, what, and why of the atonement along with the blessings that come from the atonement. The atonement is far more reaching than most people understand, not only is it a way for the sinner to repent, but it is a power for the lonely, the depressed, the abused, the one seeking solace. 

There is an 'enabling power' of the Atonement that I am just starting to understand. How blessed we are to have a Savior who atoned for us. Are we utilizing that atonement to the fullest?

No doctrine is more central to the message of the restored gospel or to our individual happiness than the infinite and eternal Atonement of Jesus Christ. In this clearly written and powerfully moving book, Tad Callister focuses on the infinite power, coverage, and depth of the Atonement, and how the most profound blessings of the gospel are eternally linked to it. The Savior experienced infinite suffering as he brought the Atonement to pass, but because of the Atonement we are capable of experiencing the blessings of the resurrection and exaltation, of repentance, of freedom, of peace of mind, and of the healing of the Savior's infinite love.

The Infinite Atonement is an outstanding book that can be read from cover to cover or used as a reference to study selected aspects of the Atonement. It is destined to become a classic.

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May 14, 2017

Ask of God 2017 Youth Theme

Ask of God 2017 Youth Theme
by John Bytheway

Every year the youth of the LDS church have a 'theme.'
This year's theme is 'ASK OF GOD.'

Using his unique talent of combining humor and doctrine, John Bytheway shares this year's theme in a message that will not only help the youth, but their parents and leaders too.
LOVED this talk!!!

In this high-tech era, we are overflowing with information—and sadly, some misinformation. More information means more questions! In this engaging presentation based on James 1:5-6, John Bytheway evaluates three types of questions: "Gotcha," "Google," and "Golden." Golden questions are the most important in life, involving gospel truths and our place in the plan of salvation. "The problem," Brother Bytheway states, "is when we expect Google-speed answers to Golden Questions." Using scriptural stories, quotations from Church leaders, and a good dose of humor, Brother Bytheway encourages listeners to "Ask in Faith." As they do, they'll learn to find their own answers to difficult questions—and the first step in this vital process is to "Ask of God."

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May 12, 2017

Gems and Espionage Series

by Lynn Gardner

These books are by far my most favorite romantic suspense!!!
You will fall in love with Bart and Allison and their adventures--

Emeralds and Espionage-- on Amazon or FREE with Bookshelf Plus

Romance, danger, suspense, murder, an explosion or two. . . it's all here, woven expertly into an action-packed romantic thriller you won't soon forget! Here's the scoop: Nothing is what it seems. Allison Alexander, home in California on a brief vacation from her work at the United States, is shot at and pursued by mysterious intruders who have taken over the estate on which she and her mother have lived as caretakers since Allison was a child. Thus begins a terror-filled week during which she discovers that nearly everyone she loves is involved in some way with an International espionage ring — but are they the good guys or the bad? Is Bart, the man she has loved since they played together as children, a secret government agent — or does he answer to an underworld crime boss? If she doesn't go along with his unbelievable scheme, will it cost them their lives? Does he really love her, or is he just using her? And what in the world is a Mormon bishop doing in the middle of all this?

Pearls and Peril-- on Amazon or FREE with Bookshelf Plus
Allison and Bart, married less than a week, return to their Hawaiian honeymoon suite to find the room ransacked. Thousands of miles from home, they're being followed. But why, and by whom? What dark secret do they hold that makes them prime targets for murder by a sinister madman bent on revenge?

It's a heart-stopping game of cat-and-mouse, with Allison caught in a demonic web. How could she have guessed that on her honeymoon she would be abducted by a pair of thugs, fall into a volcano, find herself imprisoned on a remote island, and befriend a huge jungle cat? And that is only the beginning. . .

Added to the intrigue and danger is...well, this matter of religion. Along their path of adventure, Bart and Allison have some tender brushes with Mormonism. They begin to see the gospel's impact on new friends and the power of prayer in their own lives — leading them to vow that if they get out of this mess alive, they'll look into it further. If they get out alive. . .

You'll be spellbound until the last word of this masterful novel. Mystery, danger, intrigue, romance — all this, and much more!

Diamond and Danger-- on Amazon or FREE with Bookshelf Plus
Ain't marriage grand? In only two weeks of matrimonial bliss, Allison Alexander Allan has been shot at, dumped from a helicopter, kidnapped, drugged, imprisoned--well, you get the general idea. All in all, this is not your ordinary honeymoon.

And it isn't over yet. Allison and her secret-agent husband, Bart, just settling into their cozy honeymoon cottage, are suddenly sucked into another web of mystery, murder, and intrigue. This time it's in San Francisco, where a rash of fires, robberies, and vandalism has erupted, and diamond-studded bodies keep turning up in unexpected places. Rumor has it that all of this might have something to do with an upcoming exhibition of the world's most prestigious--and valuable--diamonds. What do you think?

When Bart is called to investigate and Allison goes along for the ride, she gets more than she bargained for. Still haunted by the slimy specter of an evil stalker she left for dead in Hawaii, she finds terror around every corner. As her life hangs in the balance, she learns to rely on a higher power for protection, and in a few quiet moments finds reassurance in the pages of the Book of Mormon--and in the arms of her new husband.

Once again, Lynn Gardner has woven a masterpiece of suspense, intrigue, and romance. Plan to spend the night with Diamonds and Danger!

Turquise and Terrorist-- on Amazon or FREE with Bookshelf Plus
The news hit Allison like a blow to the stomach. A helicopter carrying her kidnapped husband, Bart, had crashed into the side of a mountain. “I’m sorry, Mrs. Alexander . . .there were no survivors,” the secret service agent said.

Was it true? Could she be a widow after only weeks of marriage to the man she had loved for a lifetime? They had come to the high desert of New Mexico because international terrorists had threatened to kidnap three famous celebrities and hold them for ransom. But now Bart and her father had been abducted by those same evil anarchists, and their getaway had gone terribly wrong. Had it all ended in a fiery explosion against a desolate mountainside?

From the opening sentence of this riveting adventure, Allison’s gifts of intellect, communication and discernment are tested to their limits. She must over come almost insurmountable obstacles to discover the truth about Bart’s and her father’s disappearance . . . yet, if there is still a chance they might be alive, she must spare no effort to find them.

In the two months since they foiled a major diamond theft in San Francisco, Bart and Allison have been separated by their jobs: Bart in Europe recruiting additional agents for Anastasia, the anti-terrorist branch of Interpol, and Allison winding up her job as an interpreter at the United Nations in New York City.

Because Allison nearly lost her life on more than one occasion in San Francisco, and was lucky to escape with only a serious compound fracture of her arm, Bart is adamant that she’ll have no part in Anastasia’s dangerous business of stopping terrorists before they strike. Allison, on the other hand, is determined to work alongside her agent husband – just as her mother has worked side by side with her father in the elite organization.

Who could have foreseen, when this war of wills began, the unbelievable outcome of one woman’s determination?

Sapphires and Smugglers-- on Amazon or FREE with Bookshelf Plus
Over the past year Allison’s marriage to her childhood love, Bart Allan, has been a “blast.” Literally. She’s lived through terrorists and madmen, murder and mayhem—all in the name of love and her job as Bart’s partner in Interpol’s anti-terrorist organization, Anastasia.

But Allison’s adventures are just beginning. At the moment, she’s in Sri Lanka, trying to find Bart, who disappeared two months ago. There’s just one little problem: an untimely fall from an elephant has left her with a very big case of amnesia. How can she save her husband when she doesn’t even remember who he is?

This is Allison’s most exciting adventure yet as she tangles with the Tamil Tigers, a group of revolutionaries who are orchestrating a civil war in Sri Lanka and smuggling sapphires out of the country to fund their cause. Then there’s Oz Barlow, who claims to be her husband. Will he tell her the truth and help her find Bart?

Amethysts and Arson-- on Amazon or FREE with Bookshelf Plus
When Allison married Bart, she knew theirs would be no ordinary marriage. Bart works undercover for the anti-terrorist agency Anastasia, and Allison is already more familiar with danger and near death than she'd like to be. Now this intrepid and charming duo encounters their most challenging mystery yet.

Bart's uncle, an arson investigator, has been receiving anonymous and mysterious clues to crimes planned but not yet committed. Allison and Bart must call upon Anastasia's resources to stop this madman from killing hundreds of innocent people and destroying a dozen significant historical sites out of some twisted and unexplainable drive for revenge. A dozen bombs have been hidden in sites across the Southern U.S., and in a race against time, Allison and Bart must find and disarm them before they explode.

Jade and Jeopardy-- on Amazon or FREE with Bookshelf Plus
Newlyweds need time together, but Allison and Bart both work for Anastasia, an undercover anti-terrorist organization, and finding time alone is next to impossible.

While Bart is on a secret mission in Africa, Allison arrives home one day to a cryptic message: Anastasia under attack. Get out of the house now. Disappear. Take nothing. The other members of Anastasia have already fled and Allison must find a way to survive. With only a few months of training, how can she outwit and outrun a group of hired assassins?

Fasten your seat belt and join Allison for one of the wildest rides of her life as she travels across the country with a small package that could mean life or death – depending on who gets it first.

Opals and Outrage-- on Amazon or FREE with Bookshelf Plus
For Bart and Allison Allan, a vacation is just what the doctor ordered . . . literally. As agents in Interpol’s anti-terrorist organization, Anastasia, this newly married couple has battled every imaginable plot designed to undermine the American way of life, and they need some time off.

But with the receipt of a harried phone call, the vacation is over. Bart and Allison learn that Islamic fundamentalists are in Idaho . . . and they aren’t here to see the sights. So buckle up, sit back, and enjoy, because this is a fast-paced, page-turning thriller that will leave you breathless.

Rubies and Rebels-- on Amazon or FREE with Bookshelf Plus
The only thing Allison wants to do is stay home for a while and prepare a nursery. However, as an agent for Anastasia, Interpol’s anti-terrorist organization, it’s not that simple. After her mother breaks her leg and can’t attend an important symposium, Allison is tagged to fill in. But from the moment she arrives in Armenia, it seems someone is determined to keep her from fulfilling her assignments–permanently.

When Allison’s husband Bart telephones to warn her that al Qaeda terrorists are headed her way, all communications are shut down before she can discover who can help her escape. Bart and Allison are plunged into a holy war against a terrorist threat that wants Armenia for its next stronghold. Can Anastasia and the small band of ill-trained rebels prevent the takeover?

Topaz and Treachery-- on Amazon or FREE with Bookshelf Plus
Bart and Allison Allan are on their way to Italy and the Greek Isles for a two-week visit. However what could be a relaxing second honeymoon quickly becomes a dangerous work assignment. The very pregnant Allison realizes that this will likely be her last mission as an agent with Anastasia, Interpol’s elite anti-terrorism organization, before she has her baby so she wants to participate fully. Bart, however, is resolute that Allison stay completely out of harm’s way. Clash is inevitable.

Their assignment is to retrieve several valuable topaz stones taken from a necklace owned by Empress Elizabeth of Austria, which, when assembled, could reveal the location of a forgotten treasure plundered by the Nazis – treasure that holds the secret to unimaginable power and wealth. On their heels is a violent terrorist organization determined to get to the treasure first to finance their malevolent plans.

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May 10, 2017

Mother's Day is this Sunday (May 14th)

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Sense and Second Chances w/ GIVEAWAY

A review copy was provided

by Brittany Larsen

I really liked this book! I couldn't stop reading--so needed to know what happened next :) Great story! More than just a cute romance--

While this book did have some fun romance, which I really liked, the author, just like Jane Austen, also took on some tough subjects like losing both parents, depression, being kicked out by the half-brother, dating someone not of your same religion, being an actress and standing up for your standards, liking someone who is all wrong for you, and making an enormous mistake that goes public and having to face up to it and move forward-- 

Very intriguing!!! Kept me reading until the very end!!!

Emily Carter is on the fast track to success when the unthinkable happens: a tragic accident claims the lives of her parents. Now Emily must set aside her dreams and raise her two younger siblings, Annie and Bryce. Emily and Annie are sisters, but that doesn’t mean they are anything alike. Whereas Emily reacts to the tragedy with her characteristic stoic calm, passionate Annie spirals into depression. Just when things seem like they can’t get any more difficult, Emily’s older half-brother and his fiancĂ©e arrive not to help, but to claim the family home he’s inherited from their parents. Without a place to call their own, Emily must take action—and fast. When an exciting employment opportunity arises in Utah, the displaced Carters decide to build a new life in a new home. But it soon becomes clear that their future prospects will go far beyond professional, as each sister is faced with an unexpected romance. Yet love is never simple, and in matters of the heart, one sister must proceed with caution while the other needs to take a leap of faith.

(Covenant Communications will notify winner by email)
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