Jan 20, 2016

Jammin' Nail Lacquer

So I have been wearing Jamberry nail wraps for about 4 months now and I LOVE THEM!

SO EASY to put on and then you can completely FORGET any upkeep! They outlast any polish by far--

But Jamberry also has a line of lacquers that I wanted to try--

Professional Review
Here is what my friend had to say about the product:

"I am seriously impressed with this nail lacquer! As a cosmetologist, I've seen my share of nail polish and I will admit- I have never seen a polish perform like Jamberry." -- Tiffany, Owner of Tiffany Johnson's Hair + Makeup

My first impression is that it goes on SO SMOOTHLY and it DRIES SO QUICKLY!!!

It is also does not have any of these ingredients.
Formaldehyde Resin

I have used this lacquer on my toenails before and it is FABULOUS! It lasted for months-- In fact I was "trimming it off" before it ever wore off --

But my fingernails are a totally different story--

I am super hard on my nails as I have to dig in cardboard boxes at work to pull out the incoming product. That alone would be tough for any polish to stand up to.

This is the manicure I did yesterday -- SO HAPPY with it!

And the color is GORGEOUS! This is only one coat, two coats or more would make it the darker color you see from the bottle.

Now for the big question -- WILL IT LAST as well on my fingernails as it did on my toenails?

It's now been 4 days and I'm back with my report--

While I loved the application and the feel and the quickness in drying it did start to chip on the very tippy edges of my fingernails in about 2 days-- so I touched it up --- and then had to touch it up again the very next day.

Would I recommend this product? Absolutely IF you are a polish wearer-- for the mere fact that is goes on so smoothly, dries quick, and doesn't have any of the chemicals found in other polishes AND it only chipped on the very edges and that is probably only because I am so hard on my nails.

Would I recommend it for toenails -- VERY TIME! In fact I put some on just 3 days ago :)

Will I wear it on my fingernails again? Probably, but not as often as I will wear the wraps.

(The butterfly pattern in my picture is a wrap and it stayed strong and true and would have held up for many more days.)

Click to see the complete Ingredients List
To see more color choices click HERE


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