Sep 27, 2014

Bound by Blood w/ Guest Post

Book Details
Author: Scott Springer
Release Date: September 2014
Publisher: Anaiah Press
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Julia has accepted the Lord and is busy returning her life to order. She is not ready for love, especially when the new site foreman at work stirs up forgotten feelings. She knows a playboy when she sees one, but to Rick Mercado the attraction between them is surprisingly real. Other girls no longer interest him, and if she wants to play hard to get that's fine with him. Let the games begin!

What he doesn't realize is that her dangerous secret is not a game.

Julia's brother has returned from the street, strung out and in trouble with rival gangs. Loyalty to her brother draws Julia deeper into a world of drug deals and thugs. Rick doesn't understand why Julia won't simply go to the cops, especially once the bullets start flying. As Julia slips further into a world of violence, Rick realizes how easily his heart can be broken. His brain says to run, but his heart isn't listening. It may already be too late.

BOUND BY BLOOD. Love and suspense, heartfelt moments and guns a blazing.

Guest Post from the Author
I turn to Christian fiction for several reasons. I am interested in characters that share my values for one. I am looking for affirmation of my faith for another.

In the romance genre I am happy to find characters that don’t jump into bed the first chance they get, but are interested in growing the spiritual aspect of their relationship first. Having sex within the grace of marriage is a good thing, and I turn to a Christian romance knowing the characters will share my belief.

That being said, I also like a suspenseful read. How the characters face adversity from outside forces and grow in faith from the conflict becomes their testimony.

There are two pitfalls to writing dark in general, but especially for readers that believe. One is that descriptions of dark things can be off-putting for the reader, and the other is that the hero or heroine may become unsympathetic as they initially make bad choices.

Suspenseful situations arise because the characters do something dangerous, but if the characters are simply doing stupid things because they covet danger or because they are compelled by darkness then a sensible reader may decide to give up on the story.

The trick to tackling darker topics in Christian fiction is to assure that the characters act from good intentions. An easy example is this: if I run into a burning building to save my child or grandchild this would be suspenseful but understandable, and I would most likely be sympathetic to the reader who would be rooting for me.

A topic like drug abuse is not as black and white, and the motivations are largely psychological. This adds complexity to the story, and I believe that Christian readers will understand the underlying motives of the characters and find them interesting.

The biggest challenge with my story, BOUND BY BLOOD, was keeping the characters likable.

Julia has a past, but one that is forgivable. She is now seeking to live in God’s way.

However, as the story progresses she makes some questionable decisions and travels down a dark path that only her faith in God can illuminate.

I hope you enjoy the story and find the journey fulfilling.

About the Author
Scott Springer spent his youth playing pretend and dreaming of being a writer. As an adult he worked as a carpenter before becoming a software developer. Having produced much, his two children remain his proudest accomplishment. His wife led him to the Lord, and he’s glad that she did.

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